Sunday, 7 October 2012

Delhi to Mumbai ... Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express

This is the train I boarded for Mumbai from Hazrat Nizamuddin . . .
On 23rd July, 2012, I was very excited. I had to catch a train to Mumbai from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. I reached railway station around 9 P.M.

Finally, I was going to Mumbai. Since my childhood days, I have heard so much about Mumbai and saw it in many movies. The train was on time. I sat in my compartment. The train left the station at 9.35 P.M.

I had the middle berth. There was a couple from Mumbai and they had upper and middle berth. I offered them to switch to upper berth so that they can talk with each other with ease. They happily accepted.

As I have a habit of sleeping late, I ate my dinner, which I had with me; around midnight. After that, I watched the movie "Following" (The review of this movie can be seen at

The movie was great and after I was done with the movie, I slept. Next morning, I woke up around 8 A.M. The train was in Maharashtra by that time. I came down and sat on lower berth with other people. A very old man was sitting on lower berth and he was interesting.

He told me and other passengers that his son acts in a TV serial "Afsar Bitiya". Though, he was old, he was not dull. The husband and wife who were sitting with us were of good nature too. The face of the husband was very much similar to Amol Palekar. When we were about to reach Bandra, I said to him that he looks like Amol Palekar.

His wife laughed and said all people say this. I became friend with a co-passenger who was going to Mumbai for a few days to visit his brother. The train reached Bandra around 4.30 P.M. I bid farewell to my co-passengers.

I was expecting Bandra station to be very crowded but it was not. There was less crowd in the station. Finally, I was in Mumbai. I felt very good.

I had to go to Pune that night but I had time. Me and my new friend decided to go to Lands End in Bandra as we both had spare time . . .

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